SINCE  1994 

Information and Documents required for filing patent application for invention in the Republic of Estonia

  1. National patent application
    1. The Applicant' s full name, domicile and address;
    2. Title of the invention;
    3. Full name, domicile and address of inventor(s);
    4. The specification of the invention, including the data of the prior art and detailed disclosure of the subject matter of the invention, claims, list of drawings (if any).

      Translation of the specification into Estonian language may be supplied within 3 months after the filing date.

    5. Abstract (both in English and in Estonian language);
    6. Drawings (if any);
    7. Power of Attorney (legalization and notarization are not necessary). Power of Attorney may be supplied within 2 months after the filing date;
    8. The document certifying the deposit of a micro-organism strain if the subject of invention is a micro-organism strain or the use of a micro-organism strain;
    9. Priority date, country and number of the first application, if convention priority is claimed (certified copy of the first application may be supplied within four months after the filing date).

  2. National phase of PCT application
    • translation of the PCT application into Estonian language in triplicate;
    • declaration which determines the right of the applicant to be a patentee (if the applicant is not the inventor);
    • Power of Attorney (non-legalized).

      The due date for entry into the national phase of the PCT application is 20 or 30 months from the priority date. Term of filing of the translated specification may be extended by two months.
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