SINCE  1994 

Information and Documents required for filing trademark application in the Republic of Estonia

  1. The Applicant's full name and address;
  2. List of goods or/and services according to classes of International Classification of Goods and Services (an application may include any number of classes);
  3. The description of trademark;
  4. Priority date, country and number of the first application, if convention priority is claimed (certified copy of the first application is necessary, but may be supplied within three months after the filing date);
  5. Certificate of official or officially recognized international exibition body, if exibition priority is claimed (may be supplied within 3 months after the filing date);

    The Patent office is authorized to request translation of priority documents into Estonian language.

  6. Power of Attorney (legalization and notarization are not required); (Power of Attorney may be supplied within 2 months after the filing date);
  7. 9 prints in size 8 x 8 cm for the first class and additionally 1 print for each next class.
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